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Chequered Oak & Walnut end grain chopping or serving boards

Original price £110.00 - Original price £210.00
Original price
£110.00 - £210.00
Current price £110.00

Chequered Oak & Walnut end grain chopping or serving boards.

Hand made from Kiln dried English Oak & Black Walnut.

The darker segments in these gorgeous boards are black Walnut with some lovely chocolatey tones which complement the lighter English Oak beautifully.

End grain chopping boards are great at keeping your knives sharp, the natural end grain won't dull or blunt your knives like a traditional flat grain cutting boards would, they will also keep their looks much longer than traditional flat grain boards.

We have made these boards in three sizes:

  1. Small board – 320 x 220 x 30mm
  2. Medium board - 400 x 250 x 30mm
  3. Large board - 500 x 300 x 30mm

 The boards are finished with food safe mineral oil. We advise that you continue to condition the board with a food safe mineral oil, we include a small bottle of Oil with our boards, you can buy more white mineral oil (chopping board oil) from your local DIY shop or from our website for £15.

They make a wonderful gift and a great addition to any kitchen, a functional yet beautiful show-piece.

They are easy to look after and only need a wipe down with a damp cloth after use.

If used for cutting meat you must wash it thoroughly before you use it for anything else, scrub the board with hot water and a little dish soap, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not leave it to drip-dry or leave to close to your oven or cooker. Never submerge cutting boards in a sink full of water! wood is porous and will soak up water, possibly causing the board to crack or warp as it dries out....and whatever you do, not let them go anywhere near the dishwasher.

To eliminate garlic, onion or any other nasty smells from your board you can rub it with coarse salt, baking soda, lemon or vinegar, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse and dry.

Don't leave anything moist like cheese on boards overnight, as the moisture from the cheese will get into the wood and stains can develop. If any dark marks should appear on your board (although they shouldn’t if you have been oiling it), you can try rubbing it with fresh rhubarb.

If you have had any major mishaps with your boards, or you have a board in need of some TLC, send us a photograph, or call us, and we can advise. We can arrange for your board to be collected by our courier and brought back to us for some restoration work. We can normally make them as good as new!