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Giant Personalised Oak Door Stop

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A giant version of our beautiful, highly praised English Oak Door Stops. 

These oversize doorstops are quite magnificent !!! and would certainly keep any door open as well as making a beautiful statement piece in your garden or around your home. One of our customers described them as "beautifully enormous! "

These, like the smaller ones we make, come with the option of an extra large Stainless steel ring or a rope hoop handle.

You can have your magnificent doorstop plain, or we can personalise one or all four sides for you, popular choices for personalisation are house or family names, map coordinates, anniversary or wedding dates or a favourite saying or poem, the choice is yours, whatever you want, we will make it fit.

If you'd like it a slightly different size, bigger or smaller, please let us know as custom orders are welcome.

Naturally suited to living outside or inside.


250 x 250 x 500 mm (10" x 10" x 20") approx 25 - 30 KG 

Made from seasoned English Oak

Our Door Stops are made from locally sourced seasoned English Oak, which is hand selected for its outstanding grain pattern and fantastic natural colours. 

Although the English Oak we use is seasoned, sections of Oak this size will continue to season for decades, so over the first few days/weeks or months of being in its new home your doorstop will settle into its new environment, and depending on where it's being kept this may result in a few characterful splits appearing, this is all in the character of the wood and is its natural ageing process, this will not affect the function of the product and the handle will always stay secure.

We do not recommend keeping these in environments with underfloor heating or to close to the heat source of a centrally heated room i.e. radiators or open fires etc. If permanently kept inside, the maturing process of your doorstop will naturally be accelerated due to the constant warm, dry environment, and if kept outside the process will dramatically slow down.

Your new doorstop has low profile rubber feet recessed into the base to keep it off the ground, and help it grip the floor, also allowing an air gap beneath the doorstop.

Due to the nature of this product, we recommend unpacking upon receipt to allow the Oak to breath. On unpacking the doorstop, you might find that the protective packaging is damp to touch, this is completely normal, the wood has natural water content and the dampness is condensation/evaporation. Once unpacked, we recommend sitting your new doorstop on the two wooden battens for a couple of days at least, this will allow it to acclimatise to its new surroundings, and allow any moisture to evaporate from the base of the doorstop easily.