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Oak Urn for Cremation Ashes - Hybrid Door Stop

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Not all of our door stops are what they first appear to be, it's not just a Door Stop...

Here at The Natural Wood Company, we call this Door Stop a resting place for angels. A partially hollow hybrid Door stop designed as a keepsake for pet cremation ashes, a dignified last resting place.

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Mark and Nikki. 

Sadly, they had recently lost their beloved Border Collie, Sandy. Mark and Nikki were looking for a functional final resting place for Sandys ashes.

They asked if we could help them design a hybrid door stop/casket, that to others would just look like a conventional Door Stop, not like an urn or casket.

This is what we came up with, a door stop made from Kiln dried Oak, with a concealed space in the base to hold ashes, and perhaps a favourite toy, a ball, or collar. You can choose to have it plain or all four sides of the door stop engraved with words personal to you, and a perhaps a name and date carved into the base lid, then all held securely in place with brass screws.

Made from

These special door stops are made from large hand picked sections of kiln dried English Oak and as such are suited to living inside or outside in the weather. If you prefer, we can make it from a wood designed to be buried or live outside in the elements permanently.

Door Stop measurements

The doorstop in the picture is the standard Large size and measures 180mm deep and 180mm wide, with a height of 250mm, this doorstop weigh's approx 5 - 7 kg. 

The standard size doorstop will hold up to 3000 cubic cm (180ci), so will hold the ashes of a pet from 1kg to 80kg (180lbs). If you'd prefer something slightly more discrete or smaller in size please contact us..