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Salt & Pepper Mills in Spalted Sweet Chestnut

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A completely one off, rather gorgeous pair of Salt & Pepper Mills made in locally sourced spalted Sweet Chestnut. To designate Salt and Pepper, the tops of the grinders are made from English Ash for the salt and Black Walnut for pepper.

The story goes...

About 5 years ago I bought a few special pieces of this Sweet Chestnut from a local tree surgeon, with just enough wood to make a few special pieces and perhaps a pair of Salt and pepper mills, I carefully stored the wood away to allow it to season and dry. Then a few weeks ago I was looking through my wood store for something completely different, I came across it again. Enthused by my discovery, I started the process of turning it into a totally one off pair of salt and pepper mills.

As you can see, this is what I would call a "little & large" pair, which apart from the different colour wood used to make the tops, can be used as a way of telling which one is the Salt or Pepper.

Pull the top off to refill with your chosen condiments, the mills are fitted with almost indestructible, adjustable ceramic Crushgrind mechanisms that will outlast all of us...

The taller one is 145mm tall and 55mm wide at the base, the shorter one is 120mm tall and 55mm wide at the base.