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English Oak Salt And Pepper Mill Set

Original price £180.00 - Original price £220.00
Original price
£180.00 - £220.00
Current price £180.00

Our rather special handmade English Oak Salt or Pepper mills.

As with all Mills we make, the English Oak used is individually picked from our stock of Kiln Dried timbers, then traditionally turned on a lathe into this beautiful, perfectly balanced mill.

I have used the same two-step process to make all my grinders for nearly 20 years. First hollowed out and turned from kiln dried timber, I then allow a week or so for the wood to stabilise, before finishing the final shape and fitting the Ceramic CrushGrind Mechanism. Using this method, I can make the connection between lid and base a very precise fit.

As mentioned, each of our grinders feature the top quality Danish CrushGrind mechanism - it's the same Ceramic grinder mechanism used by many popular commercial manufacturer. The grind is easily adjusted from a fine grind to a nice chunky coarse grind, by turning the dial in the base. CrushGrind guarantee their ceramic mechanisms for 25 years, we honour and pass that guarantee on to our customers.

All in all, a bespoke addition to any table and quite possibly the perfect gift.

The standard dimensions are approx 65mm wide at the base, 58mm at the top and as they are made to order, can be made in a range of sizes.