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Turkish Walnut Trinket box

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Our exclusive, one off Trinket box is a rare gem, handcrafted with unparalleled care by artisan Steve.

Made from Walnut, this trinket box measures at 67mm by 67mm and stands at 50mm tall. 

This box is made from one block of Turkish Walnut, a material usually reserved for only the finest shotgun stocks, but we also use it for our Salt & Pepper Grinders when we find a big enough piece.

The mesmerizing grain cascades effortlessly between lid and box. The lid is designed to fit one way only, preserving the uninterrupted splendour of the grain throughout.

A stunning addition to any space, whether to store jewellery, cherished memories, or simply pocket change.

This is a one-off product and does not come with any personalisation, sold as seen.