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Handmade Personalised Oak Money Box

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This gorgeous little money box, carved from a single piece of local English Oak.

These money boxes are so nostalgic for me, I remember having a money box as a child and my parents encouraging me to save up my pocket money to buy the special things I wanted.

Now, as a parent myself, I realise how important those lessons were. A large part of parenthood is teaching our children about life and preparing them for their own adult lives the best we can. We need to teach our children all sorts of essential life skills, cooking, looking after a home, working hard, socialising, being kind and also dealing with money and what money means.

A lovely little money box, so tactile and beautiful, a perfect gift for that special person, be it for a birthday, christening or newborn baby.

We carve these boxes from a single English Oak, so the grain pattern matches all the way round, you can choose to personalise your money box with engraved names, initials, dates or perhaps leave it plain but have a secret message carved on the underside.

Dimensions : 90 x 90 x 90 mm