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Door Stop Oil - 120ml

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Door stop oil mix - to revive and protect your doorstop.

This could get messy ! So we recommend you do this on a "safe surface", an old flattened cardboard box, an old towel or a surface that doesn't matter if it receives a few oil splashes.

Before you start, wipe your previously oiled door stop down with a clean lint free damp cloth to ensure the surface is as clean as possible and dust free. Using a dry cloth, ensure that the surfaces of the door stop are dry before you apply oil.

Apply Oil using a lint-free cotton cloth or a brush, allow the applied oil to penetrate for 10 - 15 minutes, then wipe off the excess oil using a clean lint-free cloth. That should be enough, however if you would like to add another coat, allow the first coat to completely dry for at least four hours before applying further coats, we recommend at least four coats on most bare wood surfaces, and just one coat to revive a previously oiled surface of your door stop.

Once dry, to check the surface is protected, drop some water onto the wood and if the water beads, the surface is sealed. Allow 24 hours for the final coat to dry.

Contains a blend of natural oils: natural Tung oil & natural (food safe, non oxidising) mineral oil. 0% - 0.2% VOC 

Cleaning and maintenance:
Pure Tung oil should be maintained regularly, apply at least once a year or more if required, depending upon exposure to the weather and usage.

Clean up brushes etc in white spirit.

Tung oil is a natural product extracted from the China nut and as such may cause an allergic reaction.
Store above 5 degrees C, always replace the lid when not in use.
If excess oil is not removed and the surface becomes sticky, wipe with white spirt to remove sticky film and allow to dry before continuing.