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Door Stop with a slot for Patio doors

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A variation of our beautiful highly praised English Oak Door Stops, with a door slot and hand grips. Designed especially for Patio doors, each one custom-made to suit your specific application, and with the help of the rubber feet on the base of the doorstop they are really quite good at their job.

Your new doorstop also has low profile rubber feet recessed into the base to keep it off the ground, and help it grip the floor, also allowing an air gap beneath the doorstop.

We leave a 10mm air gap (see the diagram with the product pictures) between the base of the door and the bottom of the slot in the doorstop, and the slot is lined with a dark grey soft rubber padding (neoprene rubber) to protect your lovely door.

If you'd like to adapt it further, let us know in the "extra information box" as custom orders are welcome, we can make them to any size or shape you require.

Naturally suited to living outside or inside.