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English Oak Charcuterie/Serving boards

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Our gorgeous Oak Charcuterie boards, designed with precision and care, made in traditional flat grain formation.

As you also have the option to have it personalised with the carved text of your choice, they are often chosen as a wedding or house-warming gift, engraved with a family or house name, they become a gift enjoyed by the entire household that will last for decades.

Available in small, medium and large

Dimensions of the small board

Length: 440mm (17 inches)
Width: 145mm (6 inches)
Thickness: 35mm (1.5 inches)

Dimensions of the medium board

Length: 480mm (19 inches)
Width: 190mm (7.5 inches)
Thickness: 35mm (1.5 inches)

Dimensions of the large board

Length: 520mm (20.5 inches)
Width: 240mm (9.5 inches)
Thickness: 35mm (1.5 inches)


It's essential to maintain your oak board properly by cleaning it thoroughly after each use, however avoiding soaking it in water, and definitely do not put it in the dishwasher. Rinse it off with warm soapy water and dry off with a towel.

To prolong the life of your boards, we recommend periodically oiling them with chopping board oil to keep the wood hydrated and looking its best. With proper care, an oak end grain carving board can last a lifetime and serve as a beautiful kitchen workhorse.

Every board includes a small bottle of oil, suitable for a few treatments.
Additional bottles are readily available for purchase on our website or in DIY stores.

Our pre-engraved boards are engraved on one side only.