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'Floating' End Grain Chopping Board / G&T Board

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All our chopping boards are designed with the upmost care and attention to detail, and are all made with the best quality, sustainable Oak available in the UK. 

This is a one-off size and style made by Steve. It measures at 210mm X 220mm X 40mm and features a large chamfer on the bottom giving the look of a floating board.

Care and Maintenance

Wash your new board as often as necessary, use a little soap and lots of warm water in a bowl, scrub vigorously to make it clean, and rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue and eliminate any bacteria residing on the surface of the board.

Immediately dry the board with a clean dry towel, then allow the board to air dry in an upright position or on a ventilated rack.

Do not wash the board in the dishwasher, as the heat from the dishwasher can cause it to distort and possibly damage your board irreparably.

Do not leave your board to soak in water, this may lead to the absorption of moisture and warping of the board. Do not use household bleach on your board, as it can tarnish the surface and dry out the wood, instead for any odours or stains, apply lemon juice or white vinegar directly onto the affected area and leave to dry, repeating as often as necessary.

To prolong the life of your boards, we recommend periodically oiling them with chopping board oil to keep the wood hydrated and looking its best. Only oil the board when it is completely dry, ensuring to generously apply oil to saturate the surface on all sides. Allow the oil to penetrate the board for an extended period, then simply wipe off any residue with a clean cloth.

With proper care, an oak end grain carving board can last a lifetime and serve as a beautiful kitchen workhorse.